Garden Close, Sutton application now submitted

Endurance Estates has now submitted its planning application for the site east of Garden Close in Sutton. The application will need to be ‘validated’ by the council; it will then be given an application number and the application form and associated documents will be published on the council’s website.

Endurance’s proposals have changed from those shown at the first event in February, and the details are on their dedicated Garden Close website.  The changes include

  • Reducing the number of proposed properties to 53
  • Increasing the amount of public open space
  • Reducing the height of the houses on the boundary with Garden Close
  • Moving the ‘red line’ of the site on the boundary with Garden Close.

Once the planning application has been validated by the council, details will also be published on the applicants’ Garden Close website, along with the revised Masterplan.

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