Red Lion Lane update

The drainage works to Red Lion Lane in Sutton have now been completed, the surfacing has been done, and the No Entry markings refreshed. Hopefully this means that the underground water is contained, and the surface water is better managed.

Unfortunately the surfacing is only a thin covering, like the ‘slurry seal’ that was carried out on pavements in Sutton last year. It is laid in small areas at a time, so it has a ‘patchwork’ effect.  It was also only laid on the worst area, so the top half of the road has not been surfaced. It’s all down to money – and there just isn’t enough.

Of course it’s not yet certain that these works have cured the original drainage issue – only time will tell.  If the works have been unsuccessful, at least a more expensive surfacing has not been ruined. And if they have been successful, I will be asking the council to resurface the road to a higher standard.

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