Universal Credit could ‘devastate’ the self-employed

Commenting on Office of National Statistics figures released today showing an 82,000 fall in the number of self-employed workers, Liberal Democrat Work and Pensions spokesperson Stephen Lloyd MP said:

“Liberal Democrats are deeply concerned by this huge drop in the number of people working for themselves, reversing a shift towards increasing self-employment and entrepreneurial risk-taking.

“I find it hard to believe that the roll-out of Universal Credit – which penalises the self-employed – does not have something to do with this.

“By slashing the support it offers the self-employed after twelve months and not taking account of freelancers’ fluctuating incomes, Universal Credit is making it much harder for people in modest circumstances to start their own businesses.

“I urge the Secretary of State to immediately review how Universal Credit treats the self-employed, before it devastates the 800,000 freelancers who are expected to transition onto it.”

The total number of self-employed workers decreased by 82,000 in the three months to November 2017.

2 thoughts on “Universal Credit could ‘devastate’ the self-employed

  1. Lee Rapson says:

    I personally am being majorly effected with universal credits being self employed and on the minimum income floor. It’s proposterous the whole system , disgusting and degrading to say the least

    • Lorna Dupre says:

      Yes, the minimum floor for the self-employed is very unfair – you get absolutely hammered if you go over it in any month, with nothing to help you if you go under it. The whole thing needs a complete overhaul.

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