Recycling banks – keep or scrap?

The future of recycling banks in East Cambridgeshire is up for grabs in a consultation which closes on Saturday (30 June).

The introduction of wheelie bins for recycling has meant less recyclable waste being taken to local recycling banks, like the one on the corner of The Brook and Pound Lane in Sutton. 747 tonnes of recyclable materials were collected from East Cambridgeshire recycling banks in 2013/14 – but in 2016/17 the amount had fallen to just 217 tonnes.

Meanwhile the market for recycled materials has become more difficult: there is less money in the sale of recyclable waste than there used to be, so the cost to the council has gone up. Two of the three contractors (the glass and paper processing companies) do not wish to renew their contracts for our recycling banks because they cannot make a profit from them.

Simply continuing with the recycling banks as they are is likely to cost the council an extra  £20,000 a year.  The council is therefore consulting on the future of the recycling banks.

The council is putting forward three options:

  1. Remove all recycling bank sites except for textile banks, to avoid additional costs to the Council.
  2. Keep only the highest performing recycling banks: Tesco Ely, Waitrose Ely, Main Street Littleport, Fountain Lane Soham, High Street Chippenham, and High Street Cheveley.
  3. Keep all the current recycling banks, accepting the low level of items collected there, and the extra cost to keep them going.

You can complete a simple survey on the council’s website – but remember you will need to do this by the end of Saturday (30 June).

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