Plans for part of A14 upgrade to become a motorway

18 miles of the A14 – the stretch between the M11 and the A1(M) – could be reclassified as a motorway, and renamed the A14(M), once upgrade works have been completed, Highways England have announced today.

The move would create an unbroken motorway link between London and Peterborough, and would enable the introduction of variable speed limits to reduce congestion and help traffic move more smoothly.

Highways England will be asking the Planning Inspectorate to amend the road’s status from trunk road to motorway, in time for the project opening in 2020. The Secretary of State for Transport will then make the final decision next year.

If the change goes ahead, motorway status will also be extended to a three-mile section of the A1 from Alconbury to Brampton, which will be re-named the A1(M).

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