Health Committee

A pretty thin agenda for the county council’s Health Committee this afternoon, with only a couple of substantive items for decision.

One of those items is to give council officers delegated authority to award a contract for services for the prevention of sexual ill-health. This, like so many others these days, is a contract to be procured jointly with Peterborough City Council. My colleague (and Lib Dem lead member on this committee) Cllr Susan van de Ven makes the very good point that any such proposal should have a clear statement of the respective liabilities and protections of each council when entering into a joint contract. This is agreed. There’s also a discussion about climate change and its relevance to the contract – everything from use of plastics to arrangements for travel.

The same issues apply to the next item, on the recommissioning of sexual health services. It’s potentially a seven-year contract (three years, plus two years, plus a further two years) and the process is agreed.

The committee’s budget is on track. Because of the General Election, the committee’s training plan is revised, and any scrutiny of the NHS has been moved to the new year. The meeting is over in fifty minutes.

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