Mepal Road Phase 2: a planning application arrives

A planning application has arrived from Linden Homes for Phase 2 of the large development at the top of Mepal Road in Sutton.

The application is described as ‘Outline planning application for the demolition of existing buildings and erection of up to 173 dwellings and provision of land for community facilities (sports pitches and burial ground), including access (not internal roads), open space, sustainable urban drainage systems and associated landscaping. All matters reserved apart from access.’

The application site is shown in red on the plan above. The site in blue is Phase 1 – the 77 houses currently being built.

Further information about the application can be found here, and the deadline for public comments is Tuesday 4 February.

If you would like to respond formally to the council about this or any other planning application, comments should be addressed to the district council and not to me.  Comments may be made

Note: Linden Homes originally wanted 427 homes in total at the top of Mepal Road – the first 77, plus a further 350 in Phase 2. They pressed strongly for this when the district council was developing its (now abandoned) Local Plan.

However, Sutton’s Neighbourhood Plan was voted through by local people in a referendum in May 2019. This plan allocates the whole site for ‘approximately 250 homes’. That is why the latest application is for 173 homes (77 + 173 = 250). This is much lower than the number Linden Homes originally wanted, and a real demonstration of the importance of Sutton’s Neighbourhood Plan in making sure the views of local people count!

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