Marie Curie bereavement support

I’ve been contacted by a local resident in Witchford asking me to help spread the word about the charity Marie Curie’s bereavement support service¬†and campaign for a National Day of reflection after lockdown.

She says:

“Grieving can feel isolating enough without social distancing. Many people bereaved during lockdown have been unable to properly say goodbye to loved ones, comfort or even hug each other. If they can’t get the support they need, they will be more likely to struggle with the long term effects of grief.

To help, Marie Curie offers a free bereavement support service. Anyone who is grieving can access up to six telephone sessions with a matched volunteer by calling 0800 090 2309. Further details as well as online information and support is available here:

National Day of reflection
The Marie Curie charity is running a petition for a National Day of reflection after lockdown is fully lifted, to collectively support those who have lost someone since lockdown began on 23 March. The petition is at

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