COVID ‘shielding’ to pause from 1 August

The Government has said that people currently shielding will no longer need to shield after Friday 31 July.

Points to remember:

  • Food parcels and prescription collections for ‘shielded’ residents will continue until Friday 31 July.
  • People who are shielding can register for priority shopping at the major supermarkets until 17 July.
  • NHS volunteers will continue to support the shielded group.
  • Up to date information about the Government’s statements on COVID-19 is available at

The shielding programme may resume in future if circumstances change.

Edit (29 June): Cllr Mark Inskip has pointed out that everyone on the shielding list should have received a new letter from the Government last week on the changing arrangements of 6 July and then 1 August.

2 thoughts on “COVID ‘shielding’ to pause from 1 August

  1. Brian Watson says:

    “Pause?” To see how many more people check in with Covid-19 roughly two weeks later?

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