69 further sites submitted in Local Plan consultation

During the recent consultation on East Cambridgeshire District Council’s Further Draft Local Plan, landowners and developers have submitted a further 69 sites for consideration as possible land for development.

Most of these are additional sites which have not so far been considered as part of the Local Plan process. Others are not new sites, but are sufficiently different from previous proposals to be considered afresh – for example if the proposed land use has changed from housing to employment, or if a revised boundary makes the suggested site larger.

At this stage the council is not committed to any sites identified in this new list. The inclusion of a site in the list does not represent any decision by the council and does not provide the site with any kind of planning status. These are sites promoted to the council, not by the council.

The full list of new site suggestions is at https://www.eastcambs.gov.uk/local-development-framework/local-plan-review.

In the Sutton area, these include:


  • Site/20/03: 93 dwellings (estimated) south of Witcham Road, across the road from Chestnut Way
  • Site/20/04: 66 dwellings (estimated) between New Road and Witcham Road, to the east of Mepal


  • Site/16/09: 273 dwellings (estimated) at Mount Pleasant Farm on Main Street
  • Site/16/10: 70 dwellings (estimated) at Straight Furlong, adjacent to Broadlands Farm
  • Site/16/11: 3 dwellings (estimated) at the former Memorial Hall, on the turn of Hundred Foot Bank


  • Site/26/11: 349 dwellings (estimated) at former Mepal Airfield
  • Site/26/12: employment land on the Cambridge Machinery Sales auction site at the Elean Business Park
  • Site/26/13: 10 dwellings at Millfield – this is the site that has been cleared and is already the subject of a planning application
  • Site/26/14: 60 dwellings east of Garden Close – this is the extended site already subject to consultation by Endurance
  • Site/26/15: 20 dwellings (estimated) north of Bellairs


  • Site/29/04: 74 dwellings (estimated) south of Witcham Toll, opposite the turning to Witcham and west of the turning to Haddenham
  • Site/29/05: 12 dwellings at the end of Marroway Lane, immediately south of the A142


  • Site/33/02: 15 dwellings east of The Slade, opposite Slade Farm


  • Site/10/29: 840 dwellings in Witchford, either side of the road into Witchford from the Lancaster Gate roundabout
  • Site/34/11: 50 dwellings south of Sutton Road at West End Farm
  • Site/34/12: 11 dwellings (estimated) at 223 Main Street
  • Site/34/13: 295 dwellings (estimated) rear of 223 Main Street
  • Site/34/14: 245 dwellings (estimated) at Common Road, bounded by the A142 and Manor Road
  • Site/34/15: 32 dwellings (estimated) on garden land rear of Needham’s Farm Barn
  • Site/34/16: 55 dwellings south of Main Street, between Mills Lane and The Rackham





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