Sutton Co-op update

The Co-op has now submitted updated plans for its proposed store in Sutton on the triangle of land at the A142 roundabout.

The original 32 car parking spaces weren’t enough in council officers’ view, so the applicants have removed one of the two original hot food takeaway outlets, and a small additional retail unit, leaving only one takeaway alongside the Co-op store itself. This will create room for a total of 49 car parking spaces. There will also be space for twelve bicycles.

The store is proposed to open from 7:00am to 10:00pm Monday to Sunday. The applicants have not yet said who will operate the takeaway unit.

The applicants are proposing vehicle entrance and exit from Ely Road, where the old road joins Ely Road. They intend to create a three-metre wide shared cycle and pedestrian way on that side of the road, with a pedestrian refuge to serve pedestrians crossing from the Tramar Drive side.

Comments on the revised application are open until 28 July, and can be made here.


4 thoughts on “Sutton Co-op update

  1. David Carter says:

    It’s about time my old home village was allowed to have something of use for everyone not just takeaways.

  2. Colin Reader says:

    49 car parking spaces ?? The BP garage at the A142 A10 junction at Ely only has 8 or 10 spaces and that seems ample. Why on earth would we need that amount of spaces. That is rediculas. Perhaps 15 or 20. Do not reject two of the food outlets.

  3. Bill McKim says:

    I am in agreement with Colin Reader! Why 49 car parking spaces? Surely the debate is what is best for the surrounding communities and not what looks better on paper?
    I can now see a bigger car park which could be an attraction for the group’s of youths in cars. Hopefully there will be some thought on how to manage that issue.
    Thanks for the update.

    • Lorna Dupre says:

      49 spaces is what the planning policy in the current (and emerging) Local Plan requires for a development of this size. Exceptions from policy would need to be justified. The reason given by officers for not accepting fewer spaces is the risk of overspill car parking along Ely Road. If you feel the allocated space for parking is excessive (or want to say anything else about the planning application) comments are still open – online, by email, or in writing to the council.

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