Road safety figures continue to worsen

The number of people killed or seriously injured on Cambridgeshire’s roads continues to rise.  It’s been clear for some time that the local Road Safety Partnership target (a reduction to 246 a year by 2020) isn’t going to be met, with 2016’s figure of 348 rising to 366 last year.

Next Tuesday (10 July) the county council’s Highways & Community Infrastructure Committee will consider another report on road safety, with an action plan based on a previous report the committee approved earlier this year.  The action plan consists of three areas of work: analysing collision data, integrating a ‘hub’ of road safety expertise into the highways service, and digitising speed cameras.

Ultimately, however, two issues remain: there isn’t enough money being spent on those improvements to the roads which are necessary for greater safety (such as the £4-5M package recommended by last year’s safety study of the A142 between Ely and Chatteris); and there is far too much irresponsible, reckless and dangerous driving on our roads.

[Note: this posting amended 30 July 2018 to correct the date and title of the committee meeting referred to.]

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