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    1. Jim. Porter says:

      Hello Lorna, I am writing regarding the withdrawal of local bus services by Stagecoach. I rarely use the buses myself, but would if a better service was offered. Stagecoach also did this in West Norfolk when after taking over Norfolk Green buses, they withdrew completely. The people of West Norfolk didn’t take this laying down, and a consortium of local bus operators set up the Lynx bus company which now operates in that area. I must confess to not knowing too many details of the company, or customer satisfaction, but I do know that it has been expanding its routes. I would love to know that a similar set up could be arranged in this area to serve the people who I believe deserve much better than anything Stagecoach have been providing. Kind regards, Jim Porter.

      • Lorna Dupre says:

        Thank you, Jim. A useful case study to consider for comparison and lessons. We certainly do deserve better. Kind regards, Lorna

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